Progresive Oncology & Hematology Center: A Case Study

POH is a community oncology practice in Frederick, Maryland serving patients under the care of Dr. Mouhamad Bazzi. Fedora Healthcare Solutions provided an assessment of the practice and identified revenue inefficiencies, credentialing and contracting challenges, and an opportunity to provide technology training to the practice staff. Leveraging Fedora’s revenue cycle management services, significant improvement in the financial well-being of the practice was achieved, allowing more patients to receive care and the practice to start planning for growth.

Workflow Optimization

By deploying tried and true process and technology, Fedora reduced the claim submission timeframe from 7+ days to less than 48 hours, increasing time to payment and reducing chances of timely filing denials.

Quality Control Processes

Through a collaboration with the physician and clinical staff, we improved documentation practices and billing accuracy to minimize claim denials, missed billings, underpayments, and revenue leaks.

Credentialing and Contracting Solutions

The market was closed to new Oncologists in the area, limiting patient access to the expert care of Dr. Bazzi. Fedora worked directly with Insurance directors and network managers to get the contract denials overturned.

Authorization Expertise

Fedora deployed our 20+ years of domain expertise, proprietary technology, and airtight workflows to ensure every patient insurance is valid, coverage is understood, and authorizations secured.

  • Collections increased by 20% YoY
  • Days in A/R in AR reduced by 50%
  • Denial percentage reduced by 75%

“The leadership and the spirit of teamwork are truly remarkable. The attention to detail has been instrumental in achieving the results we needed, an admirable collective work. I highly recommend Fedora Healthcare Solutions.”

– Dr. Mouhamad Bazzi MD